About us

Priya Wear started as a project to connect my worlds: my Indian heritage with my life in Europe. In fact, I’d often be stopped on the streets of London for the colourful dresses I’d be wearing, and that’s when the idea sparked about creating a collection of hand-block printed dresses. 

At the heart of Priya Wear is the hand-block printing craft native to India, whereby hand-carved wood blocks are used to print colours on cotton fabric. Priya Wear launched in 2019 as a collection of modern, versatile and timeless dresses. Customers soon asked us what was coming next! In 2020 we launched Kantha Jackets & Pyjamas. Our Kantha Jackets are really special as they are hand-embroidered. 

We are passionate about positively impacting the artisans who bring our collections to life, so we spend time with them in Jaipur and ensure they live a dignified life.

Priya Wear is now a family business, run from our family home in Lugano. With the support of close friends who play a big role in bringing this passion project to life.