About us

I am Priyanka, the founder of Priya Wear, the lifestyle brand designed in Switzerland and made in India. Priya wear started as a passion project when I was living and working in London. I've always loved Indian prints, I love colours. I was often stopped on the streets of London for my outfits...it happened multiple times a day, even on the London underground! That's when the idea sparked. 

My values 
I want to do things right by honouring our planet and the artisans involved in creating every piece in my collection. I launch pieces that will stand the test of time, by designing contemporary pieces made with better fabrics. I collaborate with small scale suppliers to ensure full transparency, since I get to meet the artisans that co-create each piece. I am committed to reducing waste by finding creative ways to use up fabric scraps. In fact, my collaboration with Silaiwali (the makers of the dolls & charms available on my website) has been created by upcycling scraps from my collection of dresses. 

The design process 
Every piece I design, is inspired by my personal style. I love creating and putting fabrics and prints together. I just love it. Every piece is designed in my showroom in Lugano. It's also a space where I host clients on appointment, photoshoot my products and ship your orders. 

My vision
I hope to keep creating. I hope to keep building meaningful long term partnerships with craftsmen in India and re-sellers all over the world. I hope to discover more and more heritage textiles from India and design pieces that you will consider timeless in your wardrobe. I hope the challenges of running a business single-handedly, will always be outweighed by the feeling of having found what I am meant to do in my life. I am sure that every order will feel as thrilling as that very first online order in 2019.

With love,
Priyanka x